Covid like all your other flu, colds etc lives on your hands, surfaces, areas that are touched regularly.

The spread is mostly caused by infected persons touching and re touching infected areas and then touching their face etc, but also through air particles also when someone too close coughs, sneezes etc.

What we do

First it’s a full area clean, home or office. Then once everything is clean we SPRAY paying particular attention to the hot spot areas. You see you can clean and wipe but what actually kills germs is product dwell time, basically the longer the product is on the better it works.

We could of got fancy air foggers and sold you guys on how effective and wonderful this is , and you know what they look great , but in reality spraying disinfectant into the air isn’t doing much if it lands on surfaces that aren’t clean.

Long post but you get it guys, right now we all need to up our cleaning game, homes and business. Every clean that is booked incorporates a finish of disinfectant.

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